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Guangzhou Sanyang International Freight Forwarder
Guangzhou·Yiwu·Zhongshan → Saudi Arabia · Dubai · Lebanon · Ukraine
We provide the services of packing, storage, sea cargo, air cargo and the customs clearance of destination to customers. Meanwhile, we offer the high quality, safe and efficient transportation services to the Saudi group of customers who need customized requirements for the wholesalers, trading companies and factories etc.
3RAMS Logistics has its own customs clearance licenses and exclusive agents in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Lebanon And Ukraine . At present, there are distribution points in JEDDAH, RIYADH, ZHONGSHAN, and YIWU four cities. Their own teams are resident, round-trip, and real-time docking. Following the direction of the country's "One Belt, One Road", 3RAMS collegues have been working tirelessly for the company mission of "leading 10,000 Chinese enterprises to export overseas"
Core idea

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Saudi air and sea door to door service
FCL - pick up whenever and wherever, LCL - load by classified, specialists follow up every week
Dubai air and sea door to door service
Door to door service by air and by sea with "One -stop"experience,we provide amazon warehousing, customs clearance, fumigation and other services as well.
Lebanon air and sea door to door service
Lebanon Air and Sea door to door service is more convenient for your goods to be transferred to third-party countries such as Syria and Jordan
Ukraine air and sea door to door service
Self-owned customs clearance qualifications and licenses, full-time personnel follow up, real-time docking
Core competitiveness

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